Art for the Heart and Soul mixed with little Music for Mind.

   UNLOCK the Genius ...... It wants to come out and play!

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Free Your Mind and the

Rest will Follow!




    Stacy  LaFleur is the creator of the LaFleur Art & Soul Studio.  This system is the result of  a lifetime of  passionate learning about creating art.  Stacy’s  mission  is to assist others to unlock the healing power of the creative process.  Through this system, Stacy is able to utilize the art of painting as a healing tool.  Her  non traditional system of guidance reduces the inhibition that most people feel when they first begin to paint.  The words, “I can’t paint” just do not apply.  Realizing that every human is born to create, she shares her gifts.  Most people have never painted before, or haven’t since they were a child. Many report that have secretly wanted to try.   Her gifts of encouragement and communication combined with a great personality and incredible talent has helped even the most challenged “non- artist” to achieve a painting that they were proud of.   Stacy uses her talents and her art as a healing force by assisting anyone to BE a creator.  This simple act of creating opens  up the Neuro - Pathways to the right side of the brain.  Through the creative process,  the body is able to heal itself both physically and emotionally.  The fact that the Art & Soul Studio is so much fun is just a nice bonus!

    The LaFleur Art & Soul Studio TM  Painting System is now available to individuals, hospitals, medical centers, chemotherapy units, mental health centers, home health, nursing homes,retirement centers,  schools, and home schools.  It is also available for individual home use and even for painting parties. It’s lively and fun! Each lesson has a unique mood and feel.  


    To request an information packet or to book a visit with Stacy LaFleur to your facility, please contact us. We can assist you in finding the perfect way to implement the LaFleur Art & Soul Studio as an Art Therapy or Educational program in your Facility.


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Phone   504•451•7886   

“Free Your Mind and the Rest will Follow”

Stacy Renee LaFleur is the master artist of LaFleur Art and Design Studio. She  is a classically trained artist who utilizes a wide variety of media to achieve astounding artistic creations.  This Louisianan from the cajun heartland is a well “seasoned” artist who has an unlimited vision of how art can be applied to everyday lifestyle and business. As a degree’d artist, designer, and photographer, she has a broad sense of what is possible by combining all types of media.  With a lifetime of knowledge and a consistent desire to learn and explore, Stacy LaFleur has an unlimited range of creative possibilities for life.


What’s in the Box?

  Each Personal Studio Set is one

all - inclusive guided painting session with Master Artist, Stacy LaFleur. 


   “It’s STACY in a BOX with all the pieces and parts”, she said. 


  1. Its an  art lesson kit with all materials

  2. A Guided painting lesson with a master artist

  3. Do it alone or with a group

  4. Personal Pleasure Painting

  5. Home Painting Party’s

  6. ART Therapy Tool/ Sound Therapy Tool

  7. ART Education Tool/ Home School all ages

  8. ART as private entertainment and alone time

  9. Non Artists, Beginner’s to advanced artists.

  10. Ages 9- 90

  11. Guided Imagery

  12. Music

  13. Fun and Laughter

  14. Creative Behavioral Health Exercise

  15. $39 Introductory price per kit 

  16. Quantity discounts available

The ‘LaFleur Art and Soul Studio’ is a unique ART INSTRUCTION SYSTEM”  like none other and is the first of it’s kind! 

           -Diversion Therapy -

It sure beats anti depressants! Its way too fun to be ‘Therapy’, but it is...Shhh.

Everyone has a great time and learns something new!


    Step out of the Box!

    Tap into your right brain!

                   A Wonderfully Creative  Learning  System!

    Stacy LaFleur’s “Art as Entertainment” has gone Global!

It is a lot of fun, and it makes you feel good too!

Science has proven that the very ACT of ‘being creative’ and doing creative activity helps humans, both Mentally, and Physically. When we are being creative, the neurotransmitters on the right side of the brain are firing off.  Most people do not know how to tap into their own creativity. We are all born to create, and the very act of CREATING  Art is Healing!  ANYONE can follow along  with Stacy,  who gently guides you step by step with her ALL INCLUSIVE painting kit .  It’s  ART  education, ART entertainment, and ART therapy all rolled up into one and spiced up with a little music and sound therapy.

   It’s ART ENTERTAINMENT that is educational and therapeutic. It’s a fun activity, a learning experience, whether it’s done alone or with a friend.  It’s a  terrific COMPLEMENTARY Therapy to traditional medicine. The FEAR associated with Modern Medical Treatments is removed and replaced with creativity so that the Human Machine can heal.  

“One cannot train to become an artist, one can only train as an artist. We are all born creators. We have all been given the gift of creation.  Most people just forget that as life presents itself.”

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Educational Outlets • Individuals •  Art Therapy • Hospitals• Medical Centers • Chemotherapy Units • Mental health

  1. Home Health • Recreational Therapists • Retirement Centers • Schools & Home Schools  • The Military • Troubled Youth • Halfway Houses • Rehabs  • Art’s and Crafts Stores • Hospital Gift Stores •

  2. Gift Stores

Elevate your mind, Tap in to the right side of the brain. We, as humans, ALL have the ability to create. 

DON’T MISS OUT  on the bright idea’s your brain has for you. You just have to tap IN! You don’t know how? No problem!  Stacy will show you....

Creative Therapeutic Activity

for anyone ages 9-90

Non Toxic Materials - E-Learning

      12 Episode Course $269

$35 Introductory Sets Ready to Ship!